Innovation, Value and Risk

Register for the ADAVANTAGE Suite tools, and stimulate the articulation and collaboration between the different functional areas of the company, namely the strategic planning, marketing, innovation and research and development, human resources, and financial areas.

Advantage Suite
Reach by Cotec


Value assessment and prioritization of new ideas and risk management of innovation projects.

Thrive by Cotec


Assessing the attractiveness of the market ecosystem as a function of co-innovation risk and product adoption.

Talentum by Cotec


Human capital and skills needs management.

Statera by Cotec


Designing the financing structure of investment project portfolios and calculating the cost of capital.

Self-diagnosis of Maturity

Register, assess the maturity of your organization in different areas and obtain recommendations and best practices to achieve better results.

innovation scoring

Innovation Scoring

Assessment of the innovation processes management maturity.



Assessment of the business model digital maturity.



Assessment of the maturity of the the use of standards and processes certification.

Innovation Portfolio Management

Assess the risk potential of current and potential innovation projects, contributing to decision making, in order to ensure that the selected projects are aligned with the organization's objectives.

Project Check

Project Check

Assess the potential innovations that are worth financing in the development of new products and services.

Risk Check

Risk Check

Assess the risks associated with each project, considering the market demand and the novelty of the product or technology.

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